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Exhibiting artists:

Hiromi Akiyama, Gerlinde Beck, Bernd Berner, Roberto Cordone, Walter Dexel,Thomas Deyle, Rolf-Gunter Service, Adolf Fleischmann, Günther Förg, Christoph Freimann, Günter Fruit Trunk, Winfred Gaul, Hermann Glöckner, Otto Herbert Hajek, Erich Hauser, Günther C. Kirchberger, Horst Kuhnert, Camill Leberer, Thomas Lenk, Richard Paul Lohse, Armin Martinmüller, Almir Mavignier, Georg Karl Pfahler, Platino, Lothar Quinte, Hans Peter Reuter, Sara Sebestyén, Peter Sehringer, Reiner Seliger, Anton Stankowski, Hans Steinbrenner, Anna Tatarczyk, Victor Vasarely, Gianfranco Zappettin

Concrete art stands in the call of seriousness and order, which may be strangers today - but in the look back and in the subsequent aspirations of a concrete visual language, the playful, if not subversive element de do not underestimate concreteism. The representatives of a traditional, and that was called a contradictory and figurative art of beating with your own weapons, were on a rational consequence that was apparently emotionless. It was nothing less than proving that color and shape were enough to be concrete. ›abstract ‹ was the new ›concrete ‹, which not only brushed the motivational materialism, but also the gestureless objectionable. 

Günter Baumann

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