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I was born in Esztergom, Hungary, a small but old town right at the River Danube as fifth child. As the youngest, besides my parents' example, I have experienced the world through the eyes and emotions of my brothers and sisters. My interest in geometry probably goes back to my dad who had a major influence on my thinking in terms of mathematics and geometry. He was an electrical engineer who turned into brain research later. have always been attracted to art, but I was drifting in different directions. I am a constantly planning and thinking, rational woman yet full of emotions. The pleasures and tragedies of my life have shaped my light-sensitive style. I have been working as a designer for more than ten years, and this creative activity has greatly contributed to the development of my vision. My daughter's birth and upbringing filled fulfilled my life. During my motherhood I show my feelings and my own world with my pictures to the audience. So far my photographic career started as a big surprise for me, but this is now the next station of my photographic career, which starts with surprising speed.

The photographs of Sára Sebestyén are organically fitting into the Hungarian constructivist tradition. Her images are composed of architectural details and everyday sights that are framed by precision and soft harmony. The playfulness of colors, forms and lights meets the rigid rules of geometry, oftentimes the artist uses the opposites as basic building blocks while each composition hides something unexpected. In her work the aesthetically perfect form is found in artistic creation, which can be completely free of concrete content, as has always been practiced in music. Sára Sebestyén shows a clear edge in the truest sense of the word, at the same time she reflects on life in her photographs. If one had to describe Sebestyén’s photographic art by a few keywords perhaps the following words would make for the best candidates: clear structure and colors, determined yet sensual lines and fields, classical and new proportions, edges that separate yet connect spaces, and a surprise.

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