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The photography of Sára Sebestyén ushers the viewer into the aesthetics of the everyday world. The artist is inspired by the presentation of common phenomena in fine arts quality, the finding and rediscovery of lost items: this is arte povera. Although Sára’s work—given her medium—is not made of perishable materials, it does not criticise the society of art and does not boycott the art market, its concept is to reveal the beauty found around us, defined by elementary factors of form. And it does that through a woman’s eyes. In his 1997 work titled A formáról (Form), György Lissák differentiates between masculine and feminine forms. The former are hard, definitive, rectangular, rustic and rigid, while the latter are soft, curved, rounded and fragile. Besides the recurring hard edges and the features defined as fundamentally masculine by Lissák’s terminology, Sára Sebestyén infuses her work with undeniable femininity with her use of fine textures, the near indiscernible decorative details and the chosen titles.



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