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Noise: irrelevant, not pertaining to the content, annoying, disturbing the information flow.
Noise and its minor form, buzz, can also be part of the content and both come in various types. The noise of noise is the buzz of buzz, another instance of noise and buss disturbing noise and buzz. Regarding the visual, it concerns disturbed e.g. fractured structures or the rotation of two or more structures relative to one another, or ‘deconstructing’ constructions.Motives that upset mechanical structures with photograms or a camera obscura. Or, for instance, in a traditional, narrative photograph focussing on one figure that is covered most of the time, yet a photo sequence can lead the viewer to discern the figure in hand, thereby undoing the picture noise. Double or multiple exposition onto the same surface, analog and digital techniques, scans with distortion (flatbed or hand scanner). Blurred shots, motion scans.

Curators: Dóra Maurer, Barna Benedek

The exhibition was realised with the support of OSAS (Open Structures Art Society)

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