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I was born in Esztergom, Hungary, a small but old town right at the River Danube as fifth child. As the youngest, besides my parents' example, I have experienced the world through the eyes and emotions of my brothers and sisters. My interest in geometry probably goes back to my dad who had a major influence on my thinking in terms of mathematics and geometry. He was an electrical engineer who turned into brain research later. have always been attracted to art, but I was drifting in different directions. I am a constantly planning and thinking, rational woman yet full of emotions. The pleasures and tragedies of my life have shaped my light-sensitive style. I have been working as a designer for more than ten years, and this creative activity has greatly contributed to the development of my vision. My daughter's birth and upbringing filled fulfilled my life. During my motherhood I show my feelings and my own world with my pictures to the audience. So far my photographic career started as a big surprise for me, but this is now the next station of my photographic career, which starts with surprising speed.



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KÖR-VONAL, CIRCLE - LINE Három Hét Gallery, Budapest (Exhibited artists: Erika György, Sára Sebestyén)

The Art of Photography, KromArt Gallery, Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia, Rome, Italy

„Die Illusion der Realitat” - Fotografische Positionen, Galerie Schlichtenmaier, Stuttgart, Germany 

Négyek és Nagyok (The Four and the Big Ones), K28 Gallery Budapest (Exhibited Artists: Tünde Fülöp, Vilmos Katona, Balázs Kontur, Sára Sebestyén, Carmelo Arden Quin, János Fajó, Lucien Hervé, Lajos Kassák, Anikó Robitz, János Saxon Szász, Marika Száraz, Zsuzsa Szenes)

ÉRTED! / GOT IT! FOR YOU!, MOM Kulturális Központ / Reich Károly Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

Élek/I Live (Living on the Edge) solo exhibition, FUGA Építészeti Központ (FUGA Architecture Center) Budapest

The Art of Photography, International Exhibition, Barcelona Valid World Hall.

BIFA (Budapest International Foto Awards) Honorable Mention.

Élek/I Live (Living on the Edge) solo exhibition in Hungarian National Museum Esztergom. Curator: Tomas Opitz photographer and Director of TOBE Gallery

Ukiyo-e contest" top 60 pictures, Duna Museum Center European Gallery (Jury: Bencsik Barnabás, Dénes Mirjam, Brassai Gabriella) 

Mobile International Photo Contest Winner PH21 Gallery

Monochrome International Exhibition PH21 Gallery

3/7 Gallery, The picture of the noise group exhibition (co-organizer OSAS) Curator: Dóra Maurer, Barna Benedek



The catalogue displays a personal transition to a new stage of a woman, of a wife, and a mother. It is a homage to ’little things’ in life, a story of  Sára Sebestyén’s renewal and re-birth as an artist. The title itself (ÉLEK / EDGES OF LIFE) is also subject to various possibilities for interpretation. On the one hand, it grasps the boundaries of the essentiality of life, liberating itself in the enjoyment of simplicity, and on the other hand, creating artistic content by playing with the beauty of geometry.


The book helps us to appreciate new points of views of both our environment and our own lives. It is an excellent gift idea in this challenging and uncertain epoch, as a change of mindset is now essential for all of us.


The book introduces Sára Sebestyén’s work through texts written by Borbála Jász, András Szöllősi-Nagy and Günter Baumann presented in English, German and Hungarian.

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